US military officials wiser than its politicians: Safavi


He made the remarks Wednesday, addressing soldiers and military forces of Khazraei army base in Tehran.

Due to Iran’s great military power in the region, US, Israel and other countries do not dare to attack Iran, said Safavi, adding that enemies cannot bear heavy fatalities of their forces in the first week of a probable war against Iran.

Military commanders in the United States are wiser than politicians of that country, especially than President Trump, he highlighted, adding that disagreements between US Department of State and the Pentagon can be seen vividly in cases of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Americans are after undermining the security of Iran by uniting anti-Iran groups using financial sources of some Arab countries, Safavi noted.

Describing US policy as ‘an iron hand in a velvet glove’, he said “we, military commanders, believe that the best defense is attack. And we should end passive attitude.”

Source :

Mehr News

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