U.S. Lifts Ban on Koreans at Japanese Military Bases

Source: Washington Post


The U.S. military has canceled new restrictions banning South Koreans from visiting U.S. military bases in Japan, Ambassador to Japan Lee Su-hoon told lawmakers here last Thursday.

The ban, which newly added South Koreans to a long list of foreigners who are banned from U.S. Forces Japan bases, caused some consternation here.

But Lee said the ban was “a mistake” and that restrictions have now been lifted.

Instead, South Koreans can enter U.S. bases in Japan as before as long as they have an invitation from U.S. military personnel and ID, an official at the Korean Embassy to Tokyo said.

On Oct. 15, the U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported that South Koreans would have to undergo extra screening before they can meet friends or attend events on U.S. bases in Japan and apply for a visitor pass about a month in advance.

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