Why China Fears US Navy Aircraft Carriers

February 20, 2017 Jean Mill 0

  More than twenty years ago, a military confrontation in East Asia pushed the United States and China uncomfortably close to conflict. Largely unknown in America, the event made a lasting impression on China, especially […]


Soros Loses $1 Billion Betting against Trump

January 26, 2017 Jean Mill 0

  Another market guru has tripped up. Prominent investor George Soros lost $1 billion since the presidential election, having shorted the equity market on expectations that it would crater following Donald Trump’s victory. In fact, the S&P […]


Dow 20,000!!!

January 26, 2017 Jean Mill 0

  Grab your hats. The Dow Jones Industrial Average just powered through the 20000 level for the first time ever, setting an all-time intraday high three trading days after the inauguration of Donald Trump. Moments after […]

Donald Trump

President Trump Puts Islamic Terrorists on Notice

January 22, 2017 Jean Mill 0

  In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump vowed to fight “radical Islamic terrorism” and “eradicate it from the face of the earth,” promising that America will “shine for everyone to follow.” Trump opened his address […]

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